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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I thought I was done, but

Forgive me for boring you with this, but just when I've bitched out all the anger and frustration, it bubbles up again.

The Red and Black, pinnacle of journalism that it is, has once again failed me. I'm saved solely by the fact that I take care of the Creative Musings pages myself. Otherwise, my work, writing, and my position as an Editor would be compromised by the complete and utter lack of quality. As it is, I'm still embarrassed that the articles I contribute to other sections of the paper are presented in such a poor frame of reference. Appearance is just as important to a newspapers success as the quality of writing. Why do people think City Paper manages to sell so well? Part of that success is due to it's creative and aesthetically pleasing layout. No one wants to read something that looks like shit! I know of high school papers with better layouts than what we've had for the past 3 issues! Thankfully, our Production Editor is stepping down from his post. That, however leaves the position open to other idiots and hacks.

I've been considering taking the job myself. I know I have a good enough eye to do it. But I'm already Editor of the Creative Musings section. And I really don't want to overload my schedule. I'll probably offer my services as a C0-Editor or something like that. The quality of my layouts is good enough for that at least.

The horrible and hilarious part about issue 4 was The Twelve Trials of the Red and Black. It was a filler piece I wrote on the fly. But so much of it landed up coming true! Gremily, who are individually Emily the Editor of Student Life (man did her section get screwed over) and her boyfriend Greg(who wrote an article that somehow was left out of the paper) , and yours truly decided to sing it in the cafeteria after seeing what a disaster this issue turned out to be.

(I'm the one in the red shirt. Yes,I'm holding a vanilla wafer, and I did stab Greg with a pen.)

You can't hear us very well (there's always a lot of loud shit going on in The Corner) but here are the lyrics in case you're curious.

On the first week of finals, the Editors did see:
12 empty pages
11 missing profiles
10 failing printers
9 headline misprints
8 unsourced photos
7 late stories
6 angry emails
5 stressed staff writers
4 unfinished cartoons
3 missing layouts
2 underpaid advisers
And a pizza party in the Barn!

Once again, thank you Blind Guy Earl for the video!!!