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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unicorns and Obama

Once again, the zombie vs. unicorn debate rages on in another corner of the blogosphere. The latest hub of derision finds its home on the FiveAwesomeFansofYA Community run by the fabulous Devyn of Faerie Drink fame. After being invited to the foray, I felt the need to put in my two cents. Here it is, devoid of sign ups and facebook. Enjoy.

I'd never given much thought to the whole "unicorns vs. zombies" argument. But when the subject became too prevalent to ignore, I realized "wait, I'm a unicorn person!" This came as a bit of a surprise to me. I've always been a bit of a horror fan, what with the crazed grandmother who thought ghost stories and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were proper ways to send a five and six year old to bed, so initially, it seemed that the obvious answer would be zombies. However, while I enjoy Shaun of the Dead as much as the next person -blame crazy grandmother for obsessive love of British comedy as well-, I found myself being pulled closer and closer towards Team Unicorn.

The easy answer would be that, as a girl, it's all about the ponies.I won't deny this completely, seeing as how I do love horses. I also love sharp, pointed objects like swords, and as Holly Black has pointed out on numerous occasions, unicorns have swords ON THEIR FRICKIN' HEADS. I'm paraphrasing there, obviously, but you get the point.

Zombie's, as it is universally agreed upon, represent the domination of conformism in society and our fate. But unicorns, ah unicorns represent magic and hope. Just like Obama. I know many people who think magic and voodoo is to blame for Obama. Which is okay. Personally, I blame failed and corrupt government programs and bio-weapon testing for Bush and Cheney, and zombies. To each her own. The only true worth of zombies is to remind us what happens when we stay at malls too long and make sure we always carry blunt objects with us in case of an attack. So while zombies may have ruled for the past 8 years, I say it's high time for unicorns to rise up and rule with their magic and sword bequeathed heads! Remember! Unicorns support Obama, while a world filled with zombies is a world run by Cheney-bot with his cold, metal, zombie resistant heart; a unicorn on the other hand could pierce right through that sucker.

Viva la Team Unicorn!!!

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