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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Be Read 4/6

To Be Read is a meme by Korianne Speak, which I pilfered from Emma.

This week, I got a copy of Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese.

I have to thank Anna for lending me this. I'll try not to damage it by accident...or design.

The Goodreads description:

When Tusko the Elephant woke in his pen at the Lincoln Park Zoo on the morning of August 3, 1962, little did he know that he was about to become the test subject in an experiment to determine what happens to an elephant given a massive dose of LSD. In Elephants on Acid, Alex Boese reveals to readers the results of not only this scientific trial but of scores of other outrageous, amusing, and provocative experiments found in the files of modern science.

Why can’t people tickle themselves? Would the average dog summon help in an emergency? Will babies instinctually pick a well-balanced diet? Is it possible to restore life to the dead? Read Elephants on Acid and find out!

I'm soooo looking forward to this.

Maria D

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